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Albert Einstien Essays - Albert Einstein, Theory Of Relativity

Albert Einstien People of Science Albert Einstein Early Life Einstein was conceived in Ulm, Germany on Mar. 14, 1879. Einstein's folks, who were non perceptive Jews, moved from Ulm to Munich, Germany when Einstein was a newborn child. The privately-owned company was the production of electrical parts. At the point when the business fizzled, in 1894, the family moved to Milan, Italy. As of now Einstein concluded formally to end his German citizenship. Inside a year, still without having finished optional school, Einstein bombed an assessment that would have permitted him to seek after a course of study prompting a recognition as an electrical designer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He spent the following year in close by Aarau at the cantonal auxiliary school, where he appreciated amazing educators and first-rate offices in quite a while. Einstein returned in 1896 to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where he graduated, in 1900 as an optional teacher of arithmetic and material science. Following two years he got a post at the Swiss patent office in Bern. The patent-office work required Einstein's cautious consideration, however while utilized (1902-1909) there, he finished a bewildering scope of distributions in hypothetical material science. Generally these writings were written in his extra time and without the advantage of close contact with either the logical writing or theoretician partners. Einstein submitted one of his logical papers to the University of Zurich to get a Ph.D. degree in 1905. In 1908 he sent a second paper to the University of Bern and turned into a speaker there. The following year Einstein got a normal arrangement as partner educator of material science at the University of Zurich. By 1909, Einstein was perceived all through German-speaking Europe as a main logical scholar. With hardly a pause in between he held residencies at the German University of Prague and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. In 1914 he progressed to the most renowned and best-paying post that a hypothetical physicist could hold in focal Europe, teacher at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gesellschaft in Berlin. The 1905 papers In the first of three papers that were distributed in 1905, Einstein analyzed the marvel found by Max Planck, as per which electromagnetic vitality appeared to be transmitted from emanating objects in amounts that were eventually discrete. The vitality of these transmitted amounts, the supposed light-quanta was straightforwardly corresponding to the recurrence of the radiation. This condition was bewildering in light of the fact that old style electromagnetic hypothesis, in view of Maxwell's conditions and the laws of thermodynamics, had expected that electromagnetic vitality comprised of waves spreading in a speculative, all-inescapable medium called the luminiferous ether, and that the waves could contain any measure of vitality regardless of how little. Einstein utilized Planck's quantum theory to depict obvious electromagnetic radiation, or light. As per Einstein's clever perspective, light could be envisioned to comprise of discrete groups of radiation. Einstein utilized this tr anslation to clarify the photoelectric impact, by which certain metals radiate electrons when enlightened by light with a given recurrence. Einstein's hypothesis, and his resulting elaboration of it, framed the reason for a lot of quantum mechanics. The second of Einstein's 1905 papers proposed what is today called the uncommon hypothesis of relativity. At the time Einstein realized that, as indicated by Hendrik Antoon Lorentz's hypothesis of electrons, the mass of an electron expanded as the speed of the electron moved toward the speed of light. Einstein likewise realized that the electron hypothesis, in light of Maxwell's conditions, conveyed alongside it the presumption of a luminiferous ether, however that endeavors to distinguish the physical properties of the ether had not succeeded. Einstein understood that the conditions portraying the movement of an electron in actuality could depict the nonaccelerated movement of any molecule or any appropriately characterized unbending body. He put together his new kinematics with respect to a reevaluation of the old style guideline of relativity, that the laws of material science needed to have a similar structure in any casing of reference. As a second basic speculation, Einstein ac cepted that the speed of light stayed consistent in all casings of reference, as required by old style Maxwellian hypothesis. Einstein surrendered the speculation of the ether, for it assumed no job in his kinematics or in his reevaluation of Lorentz's hypothesis of electrons. As an outcome of his hypothesis Einstein recouped the marvel of time dilatation,

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Media Impact on Body Image

Media Impact on Body Image This examination is on media’s pessimistic impact on a persons’ self-perception. The paper will distinguish the issue of how and why media, for example, famous people, magazines, TV, promoting, and informal organizations contrarily focus on an individuals’ self-recognition. This exploration is significant in light of the fact that numerous lady, and young ladies of our way of life endure a lot of despondency, stress, dietary issues, and numerous other mental issues; on account of not having the option to meet out of reach slight  ideals set by the media. This exploration can be valuable to numerous on the grounds that it can help make  women mindful about the perilous impacts of the media. To the extent making ladies who see something that isn’t genuine, the media is to blame. This exploration  will instruct  girls that they don’t need to appear as though an A-rundown model or big name to be delightful. Self-perception in the media goes back to the extent the start of the twentieth century. Previously, surprising body types, for example, voluptuous Marilyn Monroe set the norms for ladies. By the 1960s self-perception was taken over by supermodels with their 90 pound body outlines. These small figures included in early TV and magazines and definitely started changing the meaning of â€Å"beautiful†. Self-perception grows somewhat as an element of culture in light of social stylish standards (Kim, Lennon 2007). I’ve found in some examination that each general public has its own particular manner of tormenting ladies. Mental change is connected with natural change which realizes how individuals characterize physical appearance dependent on different exposures to media. Media has such a great amount of authority over the individual gazing back in the mirror.   Racine says,  80% of ladies younger than 18 have had a go at counting calories or the like to get results like the photograph shopped pictures of numerous models and VIPs that are on places like â€Å"Instagram and Facebook.† â€Å"These pictures that individuals see are PC made and the weight control plans are not real.† Says Munro and Huon. At the point when results are not seen in the wake of attempting handy solutions it could prompt young ladies as youthful as third grade being bulimic and discouraged. This exploration  would  open the psyches of teenagers who experience the day by day battle attempting to fit in and achieve the unthinkable by doing as such in extraordinary risky hazardous ways. Young ladies need to realize that regardless of what a scale says it doesnt characterize them as an individual, nor how delightful they are. Some examination says that media is continuously showing signs of improvement with including progressively positive messages inside notice. â€Å"I wouldnt state that it’s compounding, however is media  really showing signs of improvement? What does the future hold the extent that self-perception inside the media?† Say If society  doesn’t further  reach out to  youth about the dangers of being affected by unfortunate eating regimen prevailing fashions, and not cherishing themselves on the grounds that the TV  â ,  as companions, educators, and guardians, society has fizzled. The media has rolled out a couple of improvements just to drive away the negatives that tossed at them to the extent simply being flimsy. Simultaneously, media despite everything keeps on causing note inside the music culture to tune in to and the most well known apparel to bring in cash on the grounds that flimsy is the thing that sells in our way of life. The more regrettable piece of the entirety of this is mental and dietary issues can begin in young ladies as youthful as seven or eight as indicated by the Journal of School Health. Ten years back it was sheltered to state that youngsters were alright to be presented to media and it influences at the ages of 15 and 16. Presently as a result of how simple gadgets are to learn, kids are presented to hardware as youthful as 2. By the age of 5 they are utilizing indistinguishable interpersonal organizations from 26 and multi year old grown-ups, presenting their brains to things they can’t completely process. Going up against and teaching a basic matured youngster about adoring themselves and sound exercise and eating methodologies is increasingly pertinent with digital tormenting, and self-assessment happening in view of not looking how the media says they should look. Media is believed to be the main wellspring of impact on negative self-perception. Some other research focuses to hereditary qualities, and mingled reactions credited to useless childhoods. Some think things, for example, low confidence result from damaging childhoods. In like manner, when stout youngsters are raised by putting down guardians who offend them with food and their physical appearances, it can cause issues as they create and develop in their adolescent years. The option is that early mediation  will help forestall long haul medical problems for lion's share of patients with dietary problems and awful self-steadiness. To complete these strategies individuals should be taught. Beginning more  non-benefit association that go to rudimentary, middle school, and even universities  to instruct ladies and young ladies on this theme. The individuals who care about this subject as much as somebody experiencing it , and even with a little encounter would be expected to help with this task. Teenagers and even grown-ups end it all consistently due to not having the option to fit in.  Fundraisers to bring issues to light and cash for their families would help also. More guides to converse with more individuals who battle with dietary issues, and discover more data regarding why the media focuses on the individuals they do and precisely how they do it, so as to adequately enable the individuals who to succumb to it. One thing that needs the most consideration, and  further inquire about is brain research of the cerebrum, and clinical issue of these casualties to the media. This examination is expected t o completely comprehend why lady intellectually want to attempt to do as they see.   Many individuals ignore these issues and push the reasons of trouble, sadness, and outrage to different things that individuals experience or are encountering in their life that exact second. By and large this  research is practical in light of the fact that it’s something that is going on now. Such a significant number of individuals can identify with succumbing to the Medias ridiculous view of ‘beautiful’. Significant assets have been discovered, for example, the Journal of School Health, NeTweens: The Internet and Body Image Concerns in Preteenage Girls, and furthermore Media Influence on the Body Image of Children. Bunches of individuals concur with this and however there are numerous non-benefit associations for this subject,  another voice cant hurti. Primary school young ladies are fixated on their weight, teen’s regular experience mental issues, and numerous ladies pay bunches of cash for diet handy solution crazes that don't work. The media works admirably at maneuvering our general public into the promotion that bring about deals. Regardless of whether the contention is made that media isn't simply the initiator of a woman’s observation, only a reflection of society, the media despite everything should assume liability for at any rate propagating the brokenness. Works Cited Lawrie, Z., et al. Media Influence On The Body Image Of Children And Adolescents. Dietary problems 14.5 (2006): 355-364. SPORTDiscus. Web. 16 Oct. 2014. Monro, F, and G Huon. Media-Portrayed Idealized Images, Body Shame, And Appearance Anxiety. Global Journal Of Eating Disorders 38.1 (n.d.): 85-90. Science Citation Index. Web. 16 Oct. 2014. Tiggemann, Marika, and Amy Slater. Nettweens: The Internet And Body Image Concerns In Preteenage Girls. The Journal Of Early Adolescence 34.5 (2014): 606-620. PsycINFO. Web. 16 Oct. 2014. Racine, Elizabeth F., et al. The Relationship Between Media Use And Psychological And Physical Assets Among Third-To Fifth-Grade Girls. Diary Of School Health 81.12 (2011): 749-755. ERIC. Web. 16 Oct. 2014.

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Handshake The Illinois Internal Job Board for Students

Handshake The Illinois Internal Job Board for Students So, being a senior here at Illinois is bittersweet. I am sad to leave the University of Illinois and will miss all of the people and experiences I have had here. However, I am ready to move on and get my career started. Just like you, starting here at Illinois as a freshman or transfer student, I am ready to begin a new chapter in my life. But a big stressful thing about being a senior anywhere is finding a job post-graduation. There are plenty of job sites like LinkedIn, Monster and Indeed to help students like me find internships and jobs, however, it could be overwhelming because those sites are not just designed for students. But thankfully, Illinois has just revamped its internal job board and it is now called Handshake. Handshake is an internal job board that connects thousands of companies with students. Similar to LinkedIn, it allows you to connect with employers and apply to their job postings, job shadows and career exploration programs. The one big thing that annoys me about applying to jobs that are not on Handshake is that I have to upload a resume every single time. However, on this site you can just upload your resume once and it will be saved. Most jobs on the site will allow you to do a 1-click apply and your resume will get sent right to their recruiters. This saves both parties time and will make an easier job application experience. It also serves as a great resource during preparing for career fairs. It lists each and every employer that will be in attendance for each career fair and what jobs they will be recruiting for. This allowed me to learn more about the company and position so when I spoke with the recruiters in person, I would be more knowledgeable and prepared to answer their questions. In fact, I have gotten two of my last summer internships from the internal job board here at Illinois. My experiences at Motorola Solutions and SpotHero would have never happened if I didn’t utilize the free resource that Handshake provides. I urge every Illini when they are here to take advantage of Handshake. Daniel Class of 2018 I’m an Advertising major in the College of Media. I’m from a northwest suburb of Chicago called Buffalo Grove. I chose Illinois because it was the first university in the entire world to offer an Advertising major, which is pretty cool!

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Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms - 1671 Words

Hari Mainali South University School Uniform Abstract Freedom of dress is violated by restricting on school uniform. A school and university have their own dress code which does not require a particular dress. Some researcher and scholar suggest misbehavior in the student are the result of banning uniform. But misbehavior is what they acquired in their life. Banning uniform, student can exercise their right to express themselves freely. Student will be able to focus on education and save money too. By removing restriction on uniform of student can achieve good education and feel free of expressing themselves as uniform has nothing to do with their character. It is important because it gives freedom of right to student and†¦show more content†¦Both the above arguments regarding the school uniform.try to suggests their own opinion. â€Å"It is typically assumed, as exemplified in Long Beach, that uniforms are the sole factor causing direct change in numerous behavioral and academic outcomes. Those pronoun cements by uniform proponents have raised strident objections and created a political climate in which public school uniform policies have become highly contested. The ongoing public discourse is not only entrenched in controversy but also largely fueled by conjecture and anecdotal evidence. Hence, it now seems critical that empirical analysis should be conducted to inform the school uniform debate. In this study, we investigated the relationship between uniforms and several outcomes that represent the core elements of uniform proponent s claims. Specifically, we examined how a uniform affects attendance, behavior problems, substance abuse, and academic achievement. We believe that a thorough analysis of the arguments proposed by uniform advocates will add critical insight to the ongoing debate on the effects of school uniform policies. (Brunsma and Rockquemore, 1998, p. 4). Brunsma concluded that there is no positive correlation between uniforms and school safety or academic achiev ement. However, both discuss about whether to wear school uniform or not, but didn’t give the clear idea of its positive or negative impacts of the dressShow MoreRelatedSchool Uniforms Persuasive Essay1069 Words   |  5 Pagesmany schools around the world enforce uniforms, requiring students to wear specific clothing. School uniforms, which was first established in 16th century England, are a topic of much debate in the public school system of the United States. Many people feel that uniforms reduce competition among students and bring a sense of unity in school. People who are against school uniforms think that they prevent students from expressing themselves and inhibits creativity. Many students dislike school uniformsRead MoreSchool Uniforms Persuasive Essay1001 Words   |  5 PagesMake a Difference? If schools could automatically have more safety, a stronger sense of unity within students, and higher self esteem for every individual student at a minimal cost without transgressing any laws, or stepping over students rights it is doubtful that many would turn up their nose to all of these things. There is no difference between this situation and the benefits that school dress codes would provide. While the majority of public schools do not require uniforms, the ones that do reportRead MorePersuasive Essay On School Uniforms979 Words   |  4 PagesThe age old argument of whether or not uniforms and dress codes should be enforced in schools seems to never conclude. The issue of appropriate clothing in schools is controversial and provoking. Many argue that abolishing a student’s choice in their attire violates their freedom of expression. Students use what they wear to express themselves; their clothing gives them a sense of a unique style and identity. Others argue that pe rmitting students to wear whatever clothing they like can create unnecessaryRead MoreSchool Uniforms Persuasive Essay1127 Words   |  5 PagesAssociation (2016), an estimated 160,000 students missed school every day due to a fear of violence and harassment from their peers. Students at many schools, including my own, have become more divided. This division has resulted in bullying especially towards students that stand out from the crowd with the way they look and dress. Along with continuing the anti-bullying programs already in place, public schools should implement a school uniform in order to reduce divisions among students, which shouldRead MorePersuasive Essay On School Uniforms1422 Words   |  6 PagesCatholic elementary school, middle school, and high school. I found it easier to attend and focus on school when wearing the same clothes as everyone else. Today, tiny southern towns even to the nations largest cities, public school uniforms have become so common this year t hat in many areas, they are no longer the exception, but the rule (Lewin â€Å"Dress for Success: Public School Uniforms†). Imagine a parent’s comfort in knowing their child was being treated as an equal at school each and every dayRead MorePersuasive Essay On School Uniforms717 Words   |  3 Pages The idea of school uniforms has been a vital point within school districts for a long time now. As a parent with two kids within the school system, it is a popular trend amongst schools as both my children’s schools require for their student to wear uniform. However, more recently, students as well as parents are beginning to disagree with the enforcement with school uniforms as they believe uniforms are possibly taking away the right of self-expression for students. Although this is a valid complaintRead MorePersuasive Essay On School Uniforms723 Words   |  3 Pagesmandatory for students to wear uniforms, they have evidently been misled. Uniforms kill individua lity and creativity, are too expensive for some, and can lower both self-esteem and performance of students in school. Many critics are bringing to light the crisis of dropping individuality and creativity; we cannot afford let it plummet any further. School uniforms destroy diversity and kill courage, on top of preventing individual student expression. In addition, school uniforms provide an almost jail likeRead MoreSchool Uniforms Persuasive Essay1470 Words   |  6 PagesBenefits of Uniform Adoption in Public Schools Ever wonder what it would look like to have all students wearing the same white polo shirt, black pants, and a district sweater walking in the hallway? Nowadays, public school and many districts are discussing the possibilities of enforcing the uniform policy. In most places, many private schools already require students to have their mandatory uniforms; however, there are only a few public schools adopting this mandatory school-uniform policesRead MoreSchool uniform persuasive essay2016 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ School Uniforms: Agree or not? Uniforms are globally used at schools around the world, especially schools in Asia. In Asia, the policy of wearing uniform enforces strongly during school hours and whenever at schools. The policy is enforced because schools want to teach discipline to their students and prevent unanticipated troubles at school. The policy of school uniforms is not completely implemented in the United States, especially public schools. According to the US Department of Education,Read MorePersuasive Essay On School Uniforms1889 Words   |  8 Pagesfor all schools to implement school uniforms in the classroom for all students. Schools everywhere across the America are changing their policies due to changes of their dress code. Whether it be due to vulgar language, inappropriate content, or the same outfit for all students, this is becoming more popular across America. In a recent study done by Statistic Brain it has shown that twenty three percent of countries across of America have implemented a pol icy that requires school uniforms. The school

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What is the challenge in the healthcare Free Essays

Improving the quality of the health care system is among one of the prevailing challenges that United States. The health care system plays a major role in the society because the lives of the people depend on it. Improvement in the standard quality of health care as well as increase in medical knowledge enables people to live a fuller lives (Bernanke, 2008). We will write a custom essay sample on What is the challenge in the healthcare or any similar topic only for you Order Now Health care involves the prevention and treatment of ailments as well as the preservation of mental and physical well-being through services offered by the health and medical profession (The Free Dictionary, 2004). The quality of health care is a very significant aspect which affects the country scientifically, socially and economically. Health care is not only confined to the prevention and treatment of sickness but it also covers the health care organizations and associations. Lack of health care access is among one of the many challenges that the health care reform must address. As of 2006, studies show that almost forty seven million Americans or sixteen percent of the population lacks insurance which means to say that they get less health care attention than those people with insurance thereby causing their health to suffer. It is a well-known fact that the quality of medical technology and research in the United States is very high, however, the highest level of effectiveness may only be achieved if there is information dissemination and consistencies in policy implementation(Bernanke, 2008). Since the quality of health care is a global concern, then the answer to the problem should be apt to encompass global barriers. Countries from around the globe should gather to surpass economic and political barriers and unite to form a strategic plan in order to overcome and address this problem. How to cite What is the challenge in the healthcare, Papers

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Othello Essay - How Iago is the catalyst for the targedy free essay sample

Analyse how Shakespeare portrays the character of Iago as the catalyst of this tragedy. It is true that in Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago is portrayed as the catalyst and the foremost cause for the events that unfold. Shakespeare portrays this through Iago’s manipulation and power of words, and his continual playing on people’s weaknesses and strengths. This is represented through the impact that he has on other characters, in particular of Othello and Cassio. In Shakespeare’s Othello, the character of Iago is portrayed as one of pure evilness, a man who sets out to destroy the other characters and turn â€Å"virtue into pitch† (II, iii, L 343) with no real motive, seemingly just for fun: â€Å"for my sport and profit† (I, iii, L380). Iago is also portrayed as a manipulative and devious character, constantly being likened to a scheming spider through the imagery depicted in his soliloquys: I shall â€Å"make the net/ That shall enmesh them all,† (II, iii, L 343-344). We will write a custom essay sample on Othello Essay How Iago is the catalyst for the targedy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page However, not a single character in Othello has any idea of Iago’s true character. He is of high status in the Venetian military and has earned the trust of everyone, as seen through their constant repetition of the fallacious epithet honest: â€Å"A man he is of honesty and trust† (I, iii, L 284). Through this deception of â€Å"I am not what I am† (I, i, L 65), Iago is able to psychologically manipulate and control characters and so is portrayed as the catalyst behind the events that unfold. Shakespeare’s Othello also portrays Iago as the catalyst behind the tragedy through his impact on Othello. Othello at the beginning is a man of eloquence and accomplishment, and is essentially at the peak of his personal and professional achievements. He is dignified and rational, as seen through his reaction to Brabantio’s threats: â€Å"Were it my cue to fight/ I should have known it,† (I, ii, L 83). However, Iago is able to carefully and masterfully entrap Othello into believing that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with his lieutenant, Cassio. He plays on Othello’s goodness of a â€Å"Free and open nature† (I, I, L 393) and thinking â€Å"men honest that but seem to be so,† (I, i, L 394). This, as well as his close proximity and his aforementioned deceptive reputation, entice Othello to trust his words, however foul they may be, and through his language of manipulation, Iago is able to psychologically control Othello. Iago realises that Othello, like all tragic heroes, has a fatal flaw, which in this case is provoked jealousy. Thus he plays on Othello’s vulnerable state of being an outside figure and a subject of scrutiny to manipulate and spark jealousy inside of him: â€Å"She did deceive her father, marrying you†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦She loved them most,† (III, iii, L 205-207). Furthermore, Iago never states overtly. He merely echoes Othello and leads him to draw his own conclusion through allusions. This is depicted when Iago subtly reminds Othello of Desdemona: â€Å"My friend is dead†¦.. but let her live† (III, iii, L 106-107). The full impact which Iago has on Othello is shown through the contrast of Othello’s language from the beginning and towards the end of the play. Iago’s animalistic and hellish lexicon have infected Othello that even he, a once eloquent man, uses similar language: â€Å"â€Å"I will chop her into messes! † (IV, i, L 106). Furthermore, Iago is portrayed as a representation of a devil on Othello’s shoulders. His manipulation was so successful that he acts as Othello’s conscience towards the end of the play, as depicted through his ability to control Othello into killing Desdemona by his method of liking: â€Å"Do it not with poison/ Strangle her in her bed,† (IV, I, L 202). Thus, it can be determined through Iago’s impact on Othello how Shakespeare has portrayed Iago as the catalyst in Othello. Iago’s impact on another character, Cassio, also depicts how Iago is portrayed to be the catalyst in Shakespeare’s Othello. Cassio is described as a man who â€Å"hath a daily beauty in his life,† (V I, L 20) and is also the man who won his abovementioned position over Iago. This jealousy provokes Iago to destroy Cassio in every way. Similar to Othello, Iago uses his words of manipulation to play on Cassio’s weakness of drinking and strength of being an honourable and trustworthy man. He does so by convincing Cassio to drink for his superior, Othello, something a man of Cassio’s honour can’t turn down: â€Å"Tis a night of revels: The gallants desire it,† (II, iii, L 39-40). Cassio’s repetition of â€Å"Reputation, reputation, reputation! † (II, iii, L 252) depicts the vital importance of it to him, and Iago plays on this desire to regain it by convincing him to talk to Desdemona and making her plea to Othello on his behalf. Although Iago rightfully says â€Å"this advice is free I give and honest,† (II, iii, L 320), through the dramatic irony continuously created in his soliloquys, the responders are forewarned of the true intentions behind every action. In this case, Iago explains how he will â€Å"Pour this pestilence in his (Othello’s) ear†¦.. for her body’s lust,† (II, iii, L 339-340). Iago is also able to take advantage of circumstances which therefore impacts on characters, especially Cassio. An example of this is how Iago plants Othello’s handkerchief in Cassio’s bedroom. This handkerchief, a prized possession of Othello’s which he gave to Desdemona, is a symbol of Othello’s, and to a lesser extent Cassio’s, downfall as it is the final proof needed to break Othello. Furthermore in the final act when â€Å"[Iago darts from concealment behind Cassio, wounds him in the leg, and exit]† (V, I, L29-30), it shows how through his stage directions, Iago is able to impact on Cassio and always be an instigator while always lurking in corners and in the shadows to maintain his â€Å"honest† reputation. Hence, it can be seen how Iago’s impact on Cassio has portrayed him as the catalyst in Othello. In Othello, Shakespeare portrays the character of Iago as the catalyst behind the tragedy that unfolds through Iago’s manipulative and deceptive language and nature, which is presented through his impact on the characters of Othello and Cassio.